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Champion for Better Environment


GOLD PHOENIX commits to fight against the global climate warming to design our products based upon low carbon emission.  We do not want just talk but to act pro-active on better environment.



We understand that the polar bear faced great challenge for the melting in the Arctic, and people in the world to suffer the extreme weather.  Taking immediate action is a must.  Don't wait for action!



Our working team reviews our products’ design and raw materials can reduce the wastage and costs to use new materials, recycled materials, more cost-savings on energy, structure design, thickness and weight in order to reduce CO2 emission.  Just don't waste, buy as you need!



Our sourcing policy to focus on the supply chain providers to prepare and meet new standard for the environmental policy.  We monitor and stress our suppliers to taking pro-active role to cut the emission.  Demand on the clean energy, clean water, reducing the unnecessary waste, developing new solutions from new technology and applications.



We want to supply the Eco-green products to our consumers but the selling price remained as to the common products we sell to the market-place today, this is quite the challenging job.  


These are our goals for saving the Polar Bear and better environment, and we believed that we can.  This is our social responsibility.


Save the Polar Bears, save the World.  Take Action Now!


Reduction of CO2 mission is pledged by GOLD PHOENIX.

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